Coronavirus and work from home

This type of economic downturn is unprecedented, something which no one anticipated. The global economy is halted as if someone had pressed the ‘pause’ button due to coronavirus pandemic. A lot of companies have gone either on break or working with extreme care or working from home.

Work from home saves the day

‘Work from home’ a policy that companies give to their employees as an incentive or perk to maintain their work-life balance. This policy is coming in handy for its business continuity plan. The onus is on both employees and the employers to be able to work efficiently in a non-traditional scenario. Employers need to have proper office management systems to ensure that employees can work properly from their homes.

Juntrax being an efficiency-driven platform, offers a variety of features that are proving to be a boon for companies giving work from home to its employees during this coronavirus pandemic.

Making ‘Work from Home’ easier

  1. Tracking time: Employees can remote clock-in, thus making it easier for employers to manage attendance. This helps with payroll processing with timesheet tracking the entire activity. Employees can log their hours worked on timesheets. This helps in managing the time worked, leaves taken as well as preparing the information to be sent to payroll providers.
  2. Project Management: This feature has made it easy for employers to analyze the activity for each project and the efficiency of employees. Deadlines and projects can be set by managers easily and billables tracked for accurate reporting to customers.
  3. Invoicing: This feature enables companies to raise invoices, send quotations or manage purchase orders automatically to their clients or vendors.
  4. Employee Onboarding: This feature eases the onboarding process for any new employee to the company. With all the information being shared with both employees as well as employer, thus having proper transparency.

Way ahead beyond Coronavirus pandemic

As globally most health organizations are requesting to extend the lockdowns, companies should plan their work accordingly. Having an office management solution solves a lot of these problems in the long-term. At least having a contingency plan is better than having business suffer due to mismanagement of employees.

Also, companies should make better health-based policies and practices to avoid any such situations in the future.

Juntrax’s Global Integrated Office Management Platform is the solution that companies and businesses need to survive and thrive in this medical pandemic. Let us help you find more time for your core business activity by taking care of tasks that can be automated through our secured platform.

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