Why Human Resources Need A System In Place To Manage Their Multitasking Remotely?

The Need For A System To Manage Multitasking Remotely For HR Operations


The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way many organizations are operating. Incorporating the new guidelines like limits on employee gatherings, social distancing, and remote working requires a novel and intelligent HR Management system to be put in place.

HR professionals have had to face a string of new challenges due to the advent of the pandemic. Many of these professionals typically have been bound to their office desk due to paper-intensive tasks and workflows such as employee onboarding paperwork, tracking attendance register or biometrics, paper-based/Excel salary calculations, other compliance work, and employee engagement activities.

By using an effective human resources management platform, businesses can reap the following advantages to ensure smooth remote workflows for both the HR team as well as the employees.

Leave and Timesheet Management:

By allowing remote employees to fill out their leave applications and timesheets automatically, it becomes easy to keep track of the productivity and efficiency of employees. Leaves, shift scheduling, payroll, and billing modules can be updated instantly, based on the timesheets.

Remote Onboarding:

Talent acquisition and recruiting teams can continue new employee onboarding at scale using an HRMS. Videoconferencing, learning management systems (LMS), and auto-scheduling processes help new employees to get absorbed seamlessly into the company and be productive from day one. Additionally, self-paced/mandatory training or learning modules for new employees can be tracked, analyzed, and reported to HR and the respective reporting managers.

Overcome Communication Barriers:

Irrespective of size, the pandemic has geographically displaced most teams. An HRMS helps employees communicate effectively with each other as well as the HR teams. Easy-to-use collaboration features like chat, videoconferencing, and document sharing drives productivity and engagement while reducing delays that occur with email-based responses.

Remote Payroll Processing:

Uncertainty in the monthly salary getting credited can cause financial insecurity and grief for employees. Remote management of the entire payroll process uses automated inputs from various sources like leaves, timesheets, and financial & travel records. Using this system, any company can accomplish efficient and time-bound payroll processing, both on a large as well as small scale, increasing employee morale and enhancing the company’s image.

Employee Self-Service:

On the front-end, the ESS allows the employees complete visibility into applicable policies, forms, payslips, leave history, and other miscellaneous documents. On the back end, it gives HR an up-to-date 360-degree view of every employee along with their work data history, without the hassles of searching through paper trails. More importantly, this system puts into place a method for HR to connect, engage, and motivate employees who are working remotely. It provides more opportunities for engagement activities that are suited for the new world of remote working that we have to adjust to.


A good Human Resources System always ensures that productivity is not lost, whatever the circumstance. The ability to quickly resolve problems of remote workers positively impacts the psychology of employees, making them more focused, committed, and happy.

HR professionals are simultaneously grappling with an employee’s personal issues, leave management, appraisals, social media, recruiting strategies, and the likes. An integrated HR management system brings to the HR team flexibility, convenience, an organized approach, and personal efficiency of a single-stop repository, enabling them to multitask easily. At the end of the day, an empowered HR equals happy employees.



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